Tuesday, June 26, 2012

That's tubular!

Cianna is having surgery today at 1:45 pm.  Mimi started to tell me about a "button" type of gTube, and I started to look it up, but was eating dinner and thought that might not me a good time to read about surgery. (I'm currently eating lunch, so I don't want to look it up now, either!)

Mimi stayed with Cianna at the hospital the past 2 nights so that Lin could stay home with Joey.  Before all of this happened, her original plan was to go back to NC today, but now she's going to stay until Friday.  I'm glad she's there to help Lin out, but it sucks that it's got to be at the hospital, instead of at home watching Baby Girl while Lin does laundry or get ready for her August garage sale!

At any rate, I'm sure we'll post more after Cianna gets "tubed"!

2:22 pm - Just got work that Cianna is out of surgery and the surgeon said all went well.  Lin and Joe are waiting to be allowed back to recovery room to see her.  I was surprised it went by so quickly and Mimi texted, "The monitor showing her "code" showed the surgery procedure began at 1:23 pm and now shows post-op at 2:07 pm."

Friday, June 22, 2012

Out 5/23 in 6/22

So we are playing the game for a third time.  At St. Vincent's this time. Sounds like Drs. are thinking that whatever is causing the seizures is also causing the regression VS. The seizures causing the regression.  We did a Midochondrial draw on Wed. and in six weeks we"ll see what those results are.  No intubation at this point seizing seems to have been stopped, and I figure we'll go ahead with a G-tube while we are here.