Saturday, April 6, 2013

Muscle Biopsy and EEG's

    Christianna had a shorter seizure in late Dec.  Looking at it now I think she's had severe regression in her vision from this.  From this seizure we visited her Neuro and did an EEG in office that day which showed abnormal brain activity which...  wait for it. Wait for it. Is completely normal for folks with epilepsy.  So he also wanted to set up an MRI and since she had to be put under for that I decided to have him go ahead and order the muscle biopsy that we had postponed.
    On Feb. 5th, Mimi's birthday, we celebrated with an MRI and biopsy.  The biopsy is to detect a mitochondrial disease. We should get results back from different labs here in the next four months.
As of lately her physical therapist thinks she might be having drop seizures during PT so we have touch based with neuro and we are setting up a 72hr home EEG. FUN, At least we won't be living in a hospital for it, however we will keep her home from school as to not freak out the other little kiddies or chance the leads being tugged on. Heck thinking about it now I guess it means 72hrs of watching her and making sure that she doesn't tug them off! Ouch.  I do expect skin breakdown on her scalp as this happened before with a longer EEG.

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