Monday, May 20, 2013

Biopsy and Stander update

According to our results, Christianna does not have a mito. disease. And the EEG came back with abnormal brain activity, but no seizure activity.  Not much skin brake-down at all either.  As we were told before, abnormal brain activity is... Wait for it... Wait for it... NORMAL for folks w/ epilepsy!  Bazinga! Not really a bazinga, seriously, but bazinga is fun to say.

The stander looked as lovely as a stander could, I guess.  However it was not a good fit for Cianna as she kept hanging herself by the chest strap.   Around nine months of working on getting it for, nothing! 
Maybe it's for the best and God is protecting her so she can freely move?  We shall see.
She looks miserable right. 

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