Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Line From A Buddy...

It Sucks. Now Back off!  A lovely line for a shirt to wear while here!  Well I don't feel that I should have to do all of the research and investigating that I am having to do, as I am not the one with the degree, however, I do.  Today I started at 4:30am with Cianna crying softly because she can't move. So then I said to a nurse after a discussion, "I am refusing meds at 9am until I speak w/ the neurologist."  This is scary to do as now adays the officials can say, "You are an unfit parent and CPS is coming to take your kids away."  Well thank God Neuro came at 8:30am and said, "Yes. Let's skip the morning dose, as yes your child does look like a noodle and needs these levels to come down a lot."  Hopefully tonights dose will be a lot lower as well as the doses from now on.  We are now out of the PICU and have no more PIVline as well as no more oxygen tubes, and no more NG tube.  She ate 11oz. in 45min. last night!!! I haven't seen this since I can't remember when. Today, not so much.  Thanks for the prayers.

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