Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Where We R At Today

Cianna was extubated yesterday.  Today they took off the EEG, I gave her a shower cap shampoo. (it is a showercap that you warm up then put on and it has a shampoo in the cap that you do not need to rinse. Her hair is still sandy, however no more glue like spots on her head. She did get a few spots that are really red as the skin breaks down with prolonged exposer to something touching it. :(  So Bacetracin for that.  Her NG tube came out.  We went from vapor treatment in exterior oxygen (the one on the nose) to only tube there.  HO2 turned off.  She was biting on a blueberry lollipop last night ,not actually breaking off pieces.  Today she had some peaches baby puree off of a spoon, she is sooo tired. Joe and i are taking an epilepsy class @3pm, then he goes to work.  We are blessed to have him for our daddy, husband and provider.  We will be attempting bottle feeding tonight and some more baby food.

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