Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday, May 13

C-ianna is still in PICU with a breathing tube and an NG tube.  There was talk about removing the tube, but due to swelling in the esophagus, she's being given a round of steroids for 24-hours to see if the swelling will go down.  The EEG isn't showing any abnormal brain activity, so the seizures are under control.

She also has a tube in her shoulder area for drawing blood, so she doesn't have to get poked every day.  (She's going in for minor surgery tomorrow (5/14) to put it in a better location....)

Lin has no access to a computer unless the library is open, which is only during weekdays and every other Saturday from 1p-4p.  So returning emails and updating this blog are not convenient.  (I'll be happy to share any comments with her if she hasn't read them by the time I speak to her.)

There is a Ronald McDonald House right inside the hospital, as well as one down the road a bit.  (Children aren't allowed to stay at the one within the hospital, but can stay at the one down the street.  I think Lin is on the waiting list for that one, so that Joe and Joey can come stay with her.)

Outside of the old hospital Inside the new hospital.
The nice (?!) thing about all of this is that they are in Indy, therefore near friends and family.  I love calling on Lin to check on her and she wants to call me back because someone is there visiting!  (Give her a hug, too!)

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  1. all r welcome and urged to call Lin as she loves to chat, needs ppl. and also knows how to not answer the phone if busy. thx!!