Thursday, May 10, 2012

Maybe we shouldn't have changed those levels....

Christianna is in the hospital again.

I believe her neurologist wanted to bring down the level of Keppra she was on, since it was such a high level, and I believe that was done this past Monday.

Last night (Wed), Lin noticed C's leg twitching.  She gave C her meds and kept an eye on her until about midnight.  Around 3 am, Lin woke up and C was seizing.  Lin gave her the emergency meds and waited about 3-minutes, when she called 911.  She let the dispatcher know what was going on and the she didn't know how long she was supposed to wait for the emergency meds to kick in.  The dispatcher said not to worry, someone would be sent out and that they might night even need to take C anywhere.

Unfortunately, they DID need to take her to the hospital, where she is in ICU and still seizing.  :-(


I spoke to Lin this evening - they got Cianna to stop seizing, but when they lowered the meds, it started up again.  She's hooked up to an EEG and is sedated.

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