Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Panini, Chips and a PB cookie

Well late last night we ate dinner and Cianna perked up when Mom and I sat down to eat. She showed interest in all the food. So much that she physically took all three items to her mouth more than once. Then nothing. SOO I think her brain has forgotten what to do next. And I can't open her mouth for her and put food in as that just... irks her. My therapy team today told me to make SURE we get a swallow study done before we leave as she could be aspirating. Some folks do it quietly and the officials think they are fine. We will be sure to get this done. I hope I am wrong about the memory of how to open her mouth or use her mouth to eat, but that's my gut feeling at this point. We shall see today is a new day.

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  1. Ask OT and/or speech to do a full, new evaluation (perhaps you've already done so). OT should be able to tell if she has, in fact, forgotten the steps of how to eat. If so, you can be referred to an OT at home who can start a plan of feeding therapy to relearn the process. Both Riley and St. V's have a feeding team. Speech is also helpful in evaluating this area. Many, many prayers to you!