Saturday, March 31, 2012

Where We Are At Now

1.5 oz Thursday AM followed by 1 oz PM
Friday .75 oz. peanut butter late evening 5oz. (given by Mimi in 1 sitting)
Sat AM 2TBSP peanut butter/ applesauce followed by 4oz. (given by Mimi, who is now nicknamed the baby whisperer and is currently in charge of all bottle feeding until further notice!!) (Mommy just sings and moves Cianna's arms or does motions to songs to keep her happy :) 0.5 oz, nap @ 10:45am and onto another trial now, I hear success. We are in the library area, Mimi and C. are in a rocker...
So now we are back to letting go and waiting to see if we are witnessing a miracle occurring.
(There are some parts left out of this post, keeping positive thoughts)
So pray pray pray!
Love, Lin, Mimi, and Cianna


  1. Hoping and praying she continues to improve. Missing you guys.

  2. Ahhh.... MIMI - the person who "reared" two children - is currently in charge of all bottle feeding.


    Letting go is good.

  3. Thinking of you... A LOT! -Michelle and Mat and Clan