Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More Bad Humor Than An Update!

She looks good says the serious doctor on the rounds tonight. (Temperament task oriented. He doesn't seem to appreciate my humor. Good practice for me on working on not interrupting.)
Tube not coming out until tomorrow or next day. Don't want to take it out to early, and then have another poss. lung collapse???  I did not realize we had already had one. I asked. He explained this to Mom and I about 5 minutes ago. However, neither she nor I can reiterate what he said. (Go sanguines) You see I walked back down the hall from getting to make a concoction of my newly arrived MV element for the brain. I'm all excited to try this and there's 6 ppl standing in her room and the hall. So after the update, my brain went back to one of it's favorite subjects as the Gibson's, Knowles and my family are well aware of: FOOD!! My first thought after the doctors left the room was, "So let's get online right here on mom's computer and check the balance on this Tim Horton's gift card we've been given!!!" Thus you get the bit I remember! Tube stay in. See you tomorrow.
I remembered more:
I keep forgetting to tell. I confirmed with the RN on now that the seizures are classified as Status Epilepticus

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