Monday, March 5, 2012

We have to leave WHEN??!!

Christianna's Adventure really started over 2 years ago, on a cold January day with a home-birth surrounded by her loving family.  She was first thought to maybe have CP, but a genetic test has shown that she has extra genetic material on 2 of her genes. 

Her mom, Lin, has been wanting her to go to Ability Camp and has been in discussion with Kaitlin for many months.  Last Wednesday (Feb 29), Kaitlin called to tell Lin that they were going to be holding a mom and tots class - starting March 12!  Oh my!  Need to get a passport, need to get FML, need to, need to, need to.... Yikes! 

Going along to help her on this Canadian adventure is Lin's mom, Mimi.  I'm Lin's older sister, Aunt Mei, setting up this blog for Lin and Mimi to keep in contact with the rest of the family, friends and for anyone else looking to go the Ability Camp.

The plans are:  Mimi is flying to Indianapolis this Thursday and then Mimi, Lin and Cianna are heading out Friday after Lin is done at work.  They plan on getting into Milford, Ontario by Sunday.

We wish them safe and happy travels!

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