Tuesday, March 13, 2012

So the Pacers Suck

says the man at the parking office. I told him, "I don't really pay attention to sports, I don't watch baseball." Yup he fell for it too.
Looking really likely to be removing breathing tube today. It's at lowest oxygen setting, and 10 breaths per minute so we watch her # and see she's doing more work on her own. I've told them when she wakes up, she is usually very impatient and wants her bottle instantly. The next step with breathing is to be on the CPAP setting on the ventilation system. What this is is still having the tube in for safety. However, the machine no longer does any breaths for her. and the RN's monitor her standing in the room. if she breathes on her own for 15 min. then the tube comes out. If not then they go back up to the breathing for her settings and will try again tomorrow.
I rubbed and held her hand as it was moving this morning around 9:30am and called her name to her and she was blinking w/ her eyes closed. When I was on the phone with Daddy I held the phone up to her ear and she closed eye blinked again a few times and got all squirmy.
Scout (her singing puppy, way cool gift from Grammy) sang some favorite songs to her a few times as well..
went to Mass yesterday and the priest will be by today to bless her. He came by yesterday, but we were talking with the Child Life Specialist.
Christianna keeps trying to lift her butt off of the bed when she is awake.
We will probably transfer out to the floor, after she's off all of the tubes, and this is where they will observe her on the meds that we will give her at home from now until...

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