Friday, March 16, 2012

The Excitment of Yesterday!

Mimi's been feeling yucky, to put it politely, and got checked in yesterday at the ER and spent the night up on the internal medicine floor. She is waiting for tests. It's hard to test stuff that gets lost in transit as hers did... her second sample at that. Currently someone has pulled the fire alarm. I checked and we are waiting on the run or stay announcement. So Mimi predicts to be in her end of the hospital all weekend. I'm drinking my juice like mad and taking my new elements every day. Getting lots of sleep at night, and water too.

Christianna somehow removed her IV last night around 6:30pm. The RN couldn't save the line, so she and another RN had to poke Cianna 4-5 times in other areas trying to restart another IV as this is how the Keppra has been given. Finally the resident said they could give the drug through the NG tube.

I held her again last night and she seemed to want to be lying on her belly w/ her limbs tucked under her, so after 30 min. I had a nurse help to put her back into her crib. She's on the full load of pediasure through her NG tube today - 42ml per hour. Later on in the eve. last night they did do up another IV - in her hand this time. It was for emergency purposes in case she started to seize again. I was told we did not hear from the Neuro last night about the EEG, however if he had wanted a change in meds he would have called. So that's good, I suppose. I saw her eyes more last night - usually only one at a time and no real focus on me or my moving hand. Waiting until tonight to do labs to see where her phenobarb. levels are at. They've been going down every day. Her face isn't puffy looking from the IV. It no longer looks baby fat chunky, which she only just acquired about two months ago. We got from 18.5 up to 24.1 in around 6 months. Wonder what she'll weigh when we leave??? On a side note, Mimi's bed weighs the patient while they lie on it. How cool!!!

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