Monday, March 26, 2012

Music - it's good for what ails ya!

In middle and high school, I played the flute.

It didn't bother my parents much, because I hardly ever practiced.

My SISTER...played the drums.

Paybacks are....heck.

Play that funky music, white girl.


10:06 PM - I'm late updating the blog, but since Mimi and Lin haven't had the time, I figured better late than never.

Lin did some research last night and this morning about NG tubes and feeding aversion.  The hospital is ready to put a gastronomy tube (g-tube) in, but they were willing to remove the NG tube and wait a couple of days to see if Cianna will show any interest in eating without having that thing up her nose and down her throat.  She's actually managed to GAIN some weight, in spite of the small feeds (3 oz.) and all the craziness around her.

Cianna DOES seem to be swallowing, so we are hopeful that she's just been full and not "forgotten" how to eat or regressed to her former eating aversion.  (<-- If anyone wants to correct me on that, please do!)

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  1. Music for the heart - made me smile, made me cry! jaye