Wednesday, March 14, 2012

People Are Soo Amazing!

The tube is out and has been for about 2.5 hrs. She stayed awake for about 1.5 hrs after that. Whimpering and moving her legs all over and up in the air, wiggling her booty up, sliding down on the bed. The wonderful RN kept repositioning her up higher on the bed to be more comfortable only to see her scoot back down and move her up again. She has a mask on today to keep oxygen going to her nose and mouth via CPAP setting on the ventilator. She had two breathing treatments. Her throat and such are swollen so these were to help take the swelling down. Finally right when visitors came she dozed off to sleep. The visitors were the paramedic and his wife a nurse from Samaritan hospital (the first hospital she was taken to)! Isn't that amazing! These strangers cared and came to visit. He said he'd been thinking about her since that night because in 16 yrs as a paramedic, around 55,000 runs, that was the longest time he'd seen someone in a constant state of seizure. Usually a patient seizes then they are given meds so they stop. Then they might start seizing again after awhile, but never constantly seen before her.
He is also in the reserves and they have five of their own kids, and it is his wifes birthday today. Very busy people, yet they stopped in to see Christianna. People are awesome! Stop watching the news to hear about all of the small circle of idiots and psychos and see the beautifulness that us humans are. (Well at least that's my humble advice)
2:30 pm Still waiting for a doctor to authorize removing the catheter. She's still getting oxygen through a mask which she's not been alert enough to try to pull out....yet. She's been like crying....whimpering and coughing. They said there is partial lung collapse from lack of deep breathing and a slight fever which is common when a lung collapses.


  1. Lin,
    This is John, Tammy, Brittany, and Jake Plaster. Just wanted to let you know we are thinking of you guys. Saying many prayers and hoping to see you all soon. Lova ya.