Saturday, March 17, 2012

Christianna is having a better day.

Mimi writes:  They took out the feeding tube, but if she doesn't start drinking from the bottle soon, they will reinsert so she doesn't become dehydrated. Or they might give her fluids through an IV. However, we think she has a sore throat from the breathing tube they had down her throat and can understand her not wanting to drink from a bottle. She mostly acts like she feels crummy and Lin says her eyes look like a drunken sailor.

At the moment she is standing up in Lin's lap. She has shown an interest in playing with several of her favorite toys which Lin brought along from home.

We will still be here for several more days...
4:44 pm - the feeding tube is being reinserted.


  1. Two steps forward, one step back is the norm. Try not to get discouraged and keep holding on to the gains. Playing with favorite toys is a biggie! Prayers and blessings...

  2. One step forward, two steps back is the norm. Try to stay positive and keep hanging on to the little gains. Playing or showing interest in toys is a biggie! We passed you along to another church in Indiana for prayers.

  3. Poor kiddo looks plum tuckered out. Mama looks good though. Keep up the high spirits, guys.